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Have you noticed like everything goes faster? As the number of activities and tasks lengthen but time seems to be always shorter?

How many times have you been thinking this week or today that you had not accomplished everything you wanted to do? It is horribly frustrating, isn’t it?

I felt it many times, and I decided to exchange frustration to satisfaction and even pride!

Today, many of my friends and colleagues repeat to me:

I do not know how, with your work and your children, you get to do all that! What’s your secret?

Also, after several years of practice, I decided to share my experience and little tricks I’m using to organize, simplify my life and face the uncertainties with serenity.

With this, I can:

  • raise alone two children (who are “tall” now but this was not always the case …)
  • work as an executive for about 55 hours a week,
  • practice daily physical activity
  • follow evening classes online
  • go to the movies with my friends
  • take care of me
  • read everyday
  • etc …

… And all that with a smile!

I want to reassure you on one point. I do not suggest you miracle solutions to follow to the letter. No, I just offer you to share my tips and tricks, and you are free to use what works for you!

I hope my articles will be a great help and very soon you will be proud of your accomplishments, and you will be organised  and peaceful at all times.

So read on and welcome at Productiv’You!

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